Here you can find a list of selected projects and other work I did as a team and individually.

Projects and Papers

Research Project


In this project, a remote controlled wheelchair is combined with a VR HMD to increase presence and immersion in a VR driving scene by adding real kinesthetic forces to the simulation. The project was supervised together with Mark Colley, which was part of a bachelor thesis by Florian Förderrheuter and was continues as study project by Ali Askari and Tobias Wagner.

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Research Project with User Study


CarVR synchronizes movements between a real and a virtual vehicle to increase immersion and reduce simulator sickness. This project was a supervised master thesis by Sebastian Benedikter.

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Research Project with User Study


In this research project we investigated the persuasiveness of a self-enabling automation.

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Research Project with User Study


In this research the persuasiveness of maintaining the automation between an avatar, a voiceover, and a control group was compared.

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Private project

Multiplayer Poker

In this private project, an online multiplayer poker game was developed to play during the pandemic.

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A selection of courses and lectures I gave at different universities


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